It is our goal to find all dogs in our care a forever home or a place to stay until a forever home can be found. We will do our best to keep updated pictures and bios for all dogs that are currently in our care. If you have any questions or want to adopt one of these amazing dogs please contact us.


Available for Adoption or Foster



Young Mix

I was found on the side of the road where I was left to wait for someone to spot me and bring me to Sadie’s Place Animal Rescue. Although I can be shy around humans I warm up to my people and beg for attention, the best part is when I get these things called hugs. They are just so warm and loving that I come back for more. I am not very fond of storms so If you require a thunder buddy I will for sure become yours. I am eager to meet my forever family and give them lots of hugs.



Young Husky Mix

I was dumped on the county road lost and confused trying to find my way around. I met a nice guy he was on a thing you call “lawn mower”, he wanted to help so he contacted this rescue. When I got picked up I was so excited I bounded into the truck, I knew I would be taken care of. I am high energy all the time, I just want to get out and run and be loved on. I have learned to sit and wait patiently for my food and attention. I have been told that I am super smart and eager to please whatever that means. I cant wait to meet my forever family.


Adult Pit Mix

I was rescued from Tyler Animal Shelter where I was expected to be euthanized the next day. I am a very laid-back dog and I am super eager to please you. I am very smart and know a couple of my basic commands, although when I sit I like to sit on top of your feet and throw my head back to look at you. I wouldn’t mind being a lap dog, I know I look big but really I fit nice in your lap. I haven’t had any issues meeting other dogs. I know I will be a perfect fit for your family.



Adult Catahoula Mix

I am very thankful that this rescue picked me up at the High Kill shelter in East Texas, I am told that I was to go to sleep for good the next day. My favorite thing to do is chase birds of any kind, I am just so fascinated by them. After running and playing I love to curl up and take a long nap. I would love a family with children, but I am not to picky I just want to be able to provide a family with unconditional love.



Adult Pit Mix

I was adopted from the rescue a couple of years ago, I was super excited when I got a home of my own. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as my best friend was going off to boot camp and could not take me with him. I know what it means to be a house dog, I like to lay around and watch TV or go for walks. I am super strong so make sure you have a good hold on me when we go for our walks. I do not like other dogs and will be best if I am in a house where no other animals are around. I like little kids and I just want to make sure they are super clean and lick them to death. I am hoping that my next family will be able to keep me forever.



Adult Australian Kelpie Mix

I was neglected as a young pup, although you would never know as I am a very happy boy. I really enjoy going for car rides especially when ice cream is involved. I am super excited to meet new people, I would love to go on walks with you and do some exploring. I enjoy being around kids, I love getting pampered (good for nail trims and baths). I really can’t wait to meet my new family that I know is waiting out there for me.



Young Mix

I was born at the rescue where I still await my forever home. I might act super crazy in my kennel, but I am super calm when I get to go for walks. I haven’t been around a whole lot of dogs or people so I really am unsure about new things. I have seen a couple of kids and I am super excited to get lots of attention from them. I am too excited about attention that I really don’t want the treats that you try to give me. I am supper excited to see what my next adventure is going to be.


Adult Mix

I was found running along the side of the road with my sister Shirley, we were super excited to see a truck stop that we bounded into it with no hesitation. I would be devastated if I had to leave my sister Shirley behind, when we go for walks separately I am constantly looking back for Shirley. I love all the attention I can get, even so when Shirley is getting more than me I make sure I put myself in the middle of the pats so I get them all. I am hoping there is a family out there that will take both my sister and I, we would love to sit and watch TV with you or go for long walks.



Adult Mix

I was found running along the side of the road with my sister Laverne, we were super excited to see a truck stop that we bounded into it with no hesitation. I would be devastated if I had to leave my sister Laverne behind, when we go for walks separately I have to be coaxed away from her just so I can get some much needed attention. I am a little more on the shy side as I let my sister get all of the attention first. My sister jumps all over me and I really don’t mind, I am just really eager to please anyone around me. I like to go on walks with my sister and will lay in the grass to soak up the sun. I really am hoping that there is a family out there for my sister and I to give lots of love to.



Young Mix

I was born at the rescue where I am still awaiting my forever home. I really haven’t met a whole lot of dogs or people. I am a little shy when it comes to strangers but once I get to know you I just want all of your attention. I am very active and love to go on walks or runs. I am not sure about thunderstorms or loud noises as they tend to scare me. I really hope to find my forever home that will provide lots of love and attention.


Adult Mix

I am not so sure about new people, but here lately I have been getting more comfortable around new people. Give me a chance to show you that I am big ball of love. I really am unsure of other dogs, I haven’t done anything to harm another dog but I really rather if I was the only one. I would be willing to give another dog a chance though if the right home can be found. I am happy to please and awaiting my forever home that will love and care for me.



Adult Pit Mix

I was rescued from a high kill shelter in Tyler, Texas, I was expected to be euthanized the very next day. I get along with some dogs, but not all, I am willing to give another dog a shot. I like to keep my nose busy on our walks and sniff out everything around. I don’t tend to give kisses but I am always up for you to wrap your arms around me and give me hugs. I don’t mind going for car rides, especially if we are going to get ice cream. I really hope my new family has a kid that I can run and play with.



Adult Mix

I heard a bunch of dogs barking and I wondered up from the road. I was really happy to see some people although they put this thing around my neck that I was very unsure of. They have taken excellent care of me, my leg bothers me at times from a previous injury, that doesn’t stop me for a second. I really want to be a lap dog even though I am too big for that. I like to go for walks now that I know what that means. I love going for car rides especially if I get some chicken nuggets. I really hope my next family doesn’t mind my crazy burst of energy.



Adult Mix

I really enjoy going for long walks. I also enjoy being a couch potato where we lay around on a Sunday afternoon. I have a flea allergy, so I will require to be up to date on my flea preventative or I will start to lose my hair. I really like kids, I get along well with most dogs. I am really looking for my new family members that I can love and protect.


Adult Great Dane Mix

I am known to be called loud mouth Lucy, I just get super excited when I see people and I have to tell everyone that I am here. I really need a slow feeder bowl as the second I see food I just want to gobble it all up. If you have a toddler around you will never have to worry about the floor having food on it. I really enjoy getting out and going for a run. I would love to have a big back yard with a kid to run around and play with. I can’t wait to adore my forever family, can I join yours?


Adult  Mix

I am getting much older and like to lay around. I am not too sure about new people, it does take me a little to trust new people. I gave birth to some puppies, a couple have passed and I currently get to spend time with one of them. I am much happier to be around my puppies than left alone. I am looking for a forever home that I can spend the rest of my days being a couch potato.

Available for Adoption ONLY

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